ernice Burgos rnice burgos 13m ago When the only homie in the squad has solidified cheeks set for valentine it is up to him to bust that nut for the sake of the crew My dog tony was said he had a foreign jawn who was gonna have her spine rearranged form the dick he was gonna give her We only saw Instagram pics and it sounded to good to be true but we trusted him Tony was texting us the whole night about positions and different shit we learned from porn he was gonna try on shorty He was gonna even be taking snap videos and sending it to us so we can be there not only in spirit but in truth Tony sent us one last snap before he was about to go 55 inches deep in shorty when something in particular stood out to me All the homies attention was caught on that ass but shorty had grown nigga feet No way in hell your girl got slave feet and you think that shit except able Toe nails lonnggggg like a extended clip How you pose to 69? Her feet gonna fuck around and claw your eye out Home girl feet just look like they smell like garlic sweat and treachery Toes hanging out her socks like she had a drop top She got Acromegaly that shit is unacceptable I would sue for false advertisement These bad bitches full of lies BRUH I had to delete my boy tony off snapchat life and PSN He can't play 2k with me no more after this Meme

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