ESFJ ENEJ ENTJ ESTJ -The popular one Easy to get to know Will bring you food when you're sad Hates being alone -Supportive and Warm Doesn't understand how to say 'no s your second MoM and isnít even somry -Genunly cares Knows you better than you know yourself -Moral police Actually really secretve -Intuitively wise and soMehow becomes vour life Mentor Surprisingly fun and social -COMManding AF -Triggered 200% of the tie -better than you at everything -UncoMfortable with their own feelings -Says they wil punch you in the face will actually punch you in the face -Traditional dad figure -Confident Bossy and scary Surprisngly furnny and kind of a firt -Cares a bit too Much about what other people think of thew EFFICIENT AF INFJ -Everyone's unofficial shrnk -Grets Mistaken for an extrovert ISFJ INTJ ISJ -The perfectionist -Shy cinnaMon roll will replace your grandwother Hippie Just wants to help everyone wil bake you cookies -Daily episodes of self-cowbustion nose n a book fraM repressing their feeings s ether deady quet o and overloading theselves won't shut up there is no in-between -The Know-it-all -Confident but surprisinly easly intividated -Thinks everyone is stupid Likes personal space but il spend tme with you if they love you -Hates subjectivity -Most lkely to settle donn n the suburbs with 25 kids and a doo -Grets shit done -Enjoų being by theMselves -Blank slate on the outside What are eMotions? dust wants world peace -Can always be found with their -Secretly a hardcore farboygirl owkey a sloth INTP INFP -Qiet and hard to get to know Intellectually curious and genuinely loves leaning Never leaves the house -Obivious to everything -Hates too Many rules and overly structured systeMs -Can never find their car keys hnocent and a little najve -PerManently wears rose-tnted glasses -Probably Multingual -Takes everything personally after you get to k Likes being by themselves but -biggest procrastinator you wil will devote all their tme for you ever Meet ISFP WanM and sensitive to others -Chill and laidback Creative and Magnatv Shy at frst but wor't shut up SMart Trker -Either doesn't give a shit or gives too Many shits -Stubbon is their Midde naMe -しonstantly ls conteMplating borderine ilegal activities due to boredoM now thew in uour life Does said borderine ilegal actvities if they love you just for the hell of it -Fears coMMitMent More than death -Actually a fragle bunry that fears rejection -Forgets to eat ENTP ESTP ENFP ESFP -Thinks their life is à soap opera -Bold and Spontaneous Coined the tem All or nothing Enjoy entertairing others and Making sure everyone -The fuckbou -Also the Adrenaline dunkieStarts everything -doins the debate teaM everų uear for fun Loves ideas hates executing theM -Has probably been arrested for -So honest you wish they weren't endangering their own ives EMotions and feelings are foreign languages -Devi's advocate Thinks arguing is foreplau The dreaMer doesn't frish anything Says rules and coMMitMent are Mportant Unconsciously breaks every rule has a good tive f not should be ADHD Wil go with you to any place and can't coMMit to a favorite color -Gets attached too easly n the world and also fix your car -nfectious enthusias and energy Has about as Much ambition -Overthinks and overanalyses anything and everything as a 2 year old beckawang MBTI Types Summary Meme

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