esmiedo being a DM in dnd like Google good puzzles for toddlers esmiedo @helpicantthinkofaurl #WoW THAT'S SOME RUDE ATTITUDE OP I apologize for lashing out One of my players threw themselves in acid after they were fully aware it was in fact acid I did not and still do not know how to deal with that brotheralyosha In the very first D&D game that I ever played our party was standing right outside the entrance to a dungeon Part of the area was covered in a red energy field Inside the red energy field all of the grass was dead and right on the border between the area inside the energy field and outside of it there was a collection of dead animals insects and other forest creatures As we watched a little bunny came hopping up hopped into the red energy field and the moment that it entered the field instantly dropped dead Guess what one of our players decided to do next Take a wild fuckin guess Source esmiedo 66721 notes Meme

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