Espoma ORGANIC Blood Meal All Natural Plant Food FOORGANIC GARDENING ING Lush Growth& Deep Greening Provides Nitrogen For Flowers Vegetables Trees & Shrubs genderdeath hisakata-resutomoshibi kaijubrains genderdeath speaking of which i hope all of my mutuals know that you can go on down to the hardware store and just buy a big ol bag of dried blood Forbidden nesquik Hello friends! Just a quick reminder that blood meal is dried flash frozen blood with a high nitrogen content and added iron! If ingested it can cause iron toxicity vomiting pancreatitis and other various gastrointestinal distress IT IS NOT SAFE FOR MAMMALS That being said plants love it! why in God’s name was it necessary for so many people to clarify that a dirty bag of blood from the gardening section isn’t safe to eat like what fucked up tumblr subculture has my shitpost reached Meme

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