essay should blow him on should Jose Alvarez 758 PM 89% AT&T TE Dr Hannah Smith GIF STUDIES PO1 December 27 2016 A Short but Thorough Analysis on Why You Should Blow Me MAN CANDY To blow or not to blow This is a parody of the wc echoed Shakespearean proverb that gauges the pros and cons Iwant a persuasive essay with and consequential successes and failures the latter of which is a strong thesis statement indisputably improbable of giving me a blowjob As the author whom henceforth will be referred to for general commentary as l written in MLA format on why I or me have taken a contrarian stance on the hyperbolized should suck your dick disadvantages of giving me a blowjob I will in strictly heterosexual dialogue support my argument by addressing the benefits of having my skin flute played orally The Due by midnight tonight aforementioned benefits are as follows increased receptivity for the blowing of the other partner positive increase on women's self-esteem and the enrichment of intimacy between men and I'll fucking do it women who partake in oral sex It goes without saying that in order to be healthy a person must eat well exercise moderately sleep a generous amount and last but not least have re gularly sex There is overwhelming evidence supported by countless scientists that links the ance of ses to better health But where does oral seA Perf Ok enefit me? Why should you blow me? I'm not selfish and this excerpt from The Evolution of Sexuality from Oakland By text or email? University proves that blowing me is not only beneficial for me but for you as wel who report performing more mate renention Nhaviors in Reneral and more lenefir provisioning Erma mate retention behaviors inparticular also reater interest in and more rime pent performing orul eron their female partner Lukehaise women who renvortierfarming more Menefit provisionin matemtention klaviors also rport Got chu Rreater interest in and more time spent prforming oral on their male partner thir relationship is stronger The aforementioned only reinforces my point that blowing me serves to greatly encourage a more diverse repertoire in bed Performing the act of fellatio on your amauing boyfriend surely includes you in the beneficiary Recent studies and polls have found that there is indeed a correlation concerning the frequency of knob gobbling and a woman's improved self esteem According to the June 2011 issue of The Journal of Idolescent Health researchers at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health conducted a poll of which the results found that sexual pleasure augments healthy psychological and social development Researcher Adena Galinsky PhD 's studies in the GF STUDIES homeboy prolly got the meanest sloppy of all time Meme

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