“I don't believe that I provide you with anything other than the general knowledge of what an AR-15 is," Cody Wilson, the founder of Defense Distributed reply to Lame Stream Media “When somebody downloads a gun from your website with your blueprints and kills somebody with it, how are you going to feel personally?" —— This whole 3D BULLSHIT is pure hysteria created by the lame stream media and the gun grabbers to push for more gun control. Screw your 3D printers, people have being making fully automatic rifles from their homes since the creation of tool machines. You don’t need a 100,000 dollar machine to create a rifle that actually works and won’t break on you after a thousand rounds and the plans to create any gun are on the web since the creation of the internet. There’s also bomb making plans and all other type of illegal garbage. You can’t ban what’s on the internet. You can’t even ban drugs, guns, human trafficking, let alone pedophilia of the internet which should be the only top priority of our law enforcement but you think you can ban plans to make guns? Even if you block or remove one site another one will pop up and so on.