Ethan Jacob -College Student -Living off of ramen noodles Is disappointed at you me for 2 weeks straight -chill af but will panic if there's no milk left in the fridge -thinks Batman is overrated insists tweeter is a big David -got f*cking bit by a bee -loved bugs in the past himself and everyone -Loves yogurt -Will never ever text u back -No Ragrets -loves green tea -he's not crying he's just allergic to tears -big fan of Gordon Ramsey waste of time Ricky Jamie Margaret -Derp -office cutie -her ringtone is Happy -avoiding her dentist's appointment for the 3rd time everywhere straight will sing to u on the phone if luvs his waifu u want -Is a big ass weaboo -Always runs like that weird ts just a prank bro cartoon ninja boy -Takes 12 episodes to Bork -never sits down -rides a sick ass scooter -kicks u in the nuts claims -incapable of chilling out -hates cabbage -repeats ur sentences in a high pitched voice when arguing -always hyper Meme

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