Ethan Klein @h3h3productio Mar 6 come on h3 podcast plz 28 t 48 Notch@notch 15h I love the frick out of you but I party too hard and you wear beanies! I sometimes get nervous hanging out with people who are basically identical to me so this has be all schwitzing 684 Ethan Klein @h3h3productions·15h ﹀ I will keep trying and you will come one day C but was that a pass or a somewhat interested but a little nervous possibly yes? 4 562 Notch @notch 14h Actually I don't feel very comfortable interacting with you because l'm still bummed you told me I party too hard after I invited you over to a party You were correct by the way The only interaction we have is you k inviting me to your podcast I kinda find it cringy Notch is fricking savage Meme

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