Ever since he caught me playing dress up in kindergarden as a little kid Dad has always been tryinq to qet me to Mah up ^ did'm Recently Ive taken to using Moms bathrobe because 'its not like she was using anywaybeen trying to get me to Man up I did'ny and its super compfortable Of course dad had best and eventually he stopped bothering me to walk in oh me wearina it about it iF YOU WORK OUT REGULARLY YOU CAN GET BIG MUSCLES MUSCLES GROSS! ●山 FWOOSH Now that I think about it there are a lot of He just stood there and said in a angry voice tmes in my life where T acted like this stop that we dont need anyone thinking ov are a tucKing GIRLS ARE STINKY POOS! I THINK BOYS ARE STIN ahd walked dwd without another word YEAH POOS! This isnt the first time he has said this to me but hot since T was a kid Is there something wrong with me? Meme

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