Every 7 hours a rhino is killed in South Africa So a nature reserve in Kruger hired 26 jobless women gave them combat and tracking training and started the world's first all-female patrol The Black Mambas patrol unarmed to protect the wild rhinos from poachers Ultrafactstumblrcom ever-hungry-aria ultrafacts youreekofhavoc jiggymonster161 ultrafacts In a bid to engage communities outside the park fencea reserve hired 26 local jobless female high-school graduates and put them through an intensive tracking and combat training programme Kitted out in second-hand European military uniforms paid for by donations the women were deployed throughout a 40000 hectare reserve The numbers suggest the approach works In the last 10 months the reserve has not lost a rhino while a neighbouring reserve lost 23 Snare poaching has dropped 90% x Fact Source For more facts follow Ultrafacts YEEEEESSSSSSSS This is amazing Precious ladies!! Meme

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