Every boy is basically a secret in a ball cap I'm very happy to be here the girl says and my heart breaks for her because nothing to me is more risky or beautiful than someone choosing not to be snarky 23 I leap up to hug her back duh but Libby remains planted in her chair and simply shakes Paige's hand like they're a pair of female senators who are only nice to each other to further the women's movement This isn't how coming home was supposed to feel I was all prepped to be hated My armor was up for that I know how to struggle through the feeling of being the underdog I don't have enough practice at being liked I treated myself to Nate Expectations the latest @TimFederle book Sunday First of all it’s wonderful Second of all there are so many quotables in it that I had to start taking notes If you’re still looking for senior quotes quit bugging me and buy this book httpstcojbkrYXSbMI Meme

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