EVERY DUDE WHOSE WITH THE WOMEN I HAD FEELINGS FOR IS A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT THEY'VE PRACTICALLY RUBBED IT IN FUCKING SCUMBAGS I'm 26 I'm fat ugly amd short never a girlfriend or kissed still a virgin and no attractive women like me I have a horrible life because hot women don't want me All my friends have attractive girlfriends and wives i want their lives My life sucks Every girl i liked has rejected me and friendzoned me and everybody tells me my league is fat ugly girls even my dad told me date ugly fat girls or to get a hooker so my life sucks Ria Ciuffo Alexandra Cooper Sofia Franklyn Kayce Smith i want to attract women at that level but everyone tells me never gonna happen Where I grew up in Colorado all the girls thought I was a loser and whenI hung out with my friends my friends girlfriends think I'm a loser and it is because l'm ugly looking and fat I now live in Massachusetts and I'm practically invisible to good looking women and I also don't have any friends here and I've lived here for six years I only have friends because I keep tabs and visit my once in Colorado but my family can't help me with attractive good looking women because they're all overweight and married overweight women so they settled so they're not the ones to get advice from If i lose weight and still can't attract a good looking woman then i wasted my time I don't want to lose a hundred pounds just to have to end up dating an unattractive woman still or a woman who is hardly plain looking or average and its like all i am gonna hear is this if you lose weight and don't get a hot girlfriend then l'm sorry but you gotta date the ugly ones and get use to it here's a list of every woman who treated me badly or who rejected me and friend zoned me now you know how bad I've got it ASHLEY Girl i can't get over got married and she's in love with him and it depresses me beyond comprehension that she loves him and she will never love me I'm absolutely fucking depressed i fucking hate him he ruined my life I asked girls online if he's better looking than me and they all said yes he was and theyd rather date him than me Can anybody give me advice thats beneficial for me? if you say If you really love her youd be happy for her or move on that has no benefits for me it only benefits her POS husband I don't get a bright side or a silver lining or happy ending just fucked over I TOLD HER MY FEELINGS SHE REJECTED ME AND SHE TRIED SETTING ME UP WITH A FAT UGLY GIRL AFTER REJECTING ME FUCK MY LIFE I HAVE THE WORST LIFE POSSIBLE ALEX My prom date who I had a crush on for years made out with another dude in front of me and ran off to Fuck him in his car and because she was from out of town she stayed over my place and the next morning after she invited him over so she can make out with him and in his car on my driveway amd people found out and I got humiliated all the way to graduation SARA The girl i had feelings for in high school but who friendzoned me is getting married to a guy who is cheated on her with a teacher She started dating him when me and her were seniors and he was a freshman Hes an absolute scumbag I truly hate him He was caught sexting a teacher caught on the news and has been caught texting other girls with intent to cheat multiple times and now the girl I want is marrying him and **A TEACHER HERSELF** She would use me as the shoulder to cry on and then when she was done crying to me she would have me go away and then she would go back to him after l'm not saying it wasn't my own fault but to some degree I was used emotionally and now everybody is happy that they're getting married it's like l'm living in the Twilight Zone that people forget that he cheated on her with the teacher and got caught on the news Then five years ago when my mom passed away everybody I knew gave me their condolences even people I didn't like but they still were decent enough to tell me their condolences **EXCEPT HER** She didn't even give me a my condolences at the minimum despite her feeding me lies saying how me and her were such close good friends She couldn't even text me My condolences or Sorry for your loss not even 2 to 4 fucking words in a text I go to therapy **BECAUSE** of this experience I then messaged her saying how it hurt me that she didn't say anything I told her how I felt about her I told her that her boyfriend now fiance is a scumbag I told her she's dumb for staying with a scumbag like that and the last thing she ever told me was F**k you loser sorry you're so mad at the world **THE WEEK MY MOM DIED!!!** last thing I ever said to her was how is that possible? I'm not a scumbag who cheats on you Isn't that what you prefer to f**k? That was five years ago and we haven't spoken since The wedding was in July SUPPORT HUG OMG I feel kinda bad for him This mindset is so destructive Meme

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