'excuse my language &or pardon my French & as I play part of the- devil's-advocate as a prodigal-son but then if ever you yourself sweet & sexy white-girl become person representing the opposite sex being of the feminine gender if you you're not already a woman then I want to become or be one of the first man that is not a really really freaky &or creepy over-grown- pervert to screw your sweet white p-_-ssy with that being of my sex- starved &or but then yet p-_-ssy-hungry black mixed-breed puerto- rican & indian pr-_-ck being as it is of the average 7 inches & especially doggy-style &or spread-eagle-style but then first doggy- style & then spread-eagle-style with some or such rubbers in play being that because that's how I roll I mean it's not like I myself being of that of my male person representing the opposite sex being of the masculine gender would be like saying you know something along this here line of thought & in this sense of the word don't turn around I don't want you yourself to see my face unless I myself say it's okay to do so otherwise you'll be sorry so turn your head back around & continue to just look straight forward hah-hah I mean after all not all males can or could possibly become or be of the likes of some or of such closet-catholic-priest-wannabes of pantys-snatchers being of the male sexual-predator animal-monster characters heh-heh or be a grown adult woman of a female Think he had a stroke Meme

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