f you keep eating TOLD YOu SO! hey popcorn kernel you can't be here! quiet narc! I live here now! what do w have HEREP ve been leoking GO AHEAD AND SPIT ME OUT IT REEKS OF CALCIUM IN HERE ANYWAY POPCORN NOBODY EVEN HASS TO KNOW SSSPIT you OUT!? ha haha HAHAH but Im old food! Isn't that kinda 9ross? You DARE to eat while I'm not paying attention? BITE HIM! AGAIN! In the exact same spot for some reason! Now bite the cheek so it looks like an You MONSSSTER Some say people are no longer in need of my wisdom They say our time has passed That we are just a nuisance Prove them wrong! I11 prove them ALL wrong! AH CRAP IM STUCK! IM FREAKIN STUCK! Hi Tongue here's the stuff you asked for! hey teeth how's it going? Remember that time you bit me? it'sss PAYBACK TIME WAA HA HA HAAAAA! TAFFY com epicjohndoe Teeth Comic Series Meme

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