F YOU THINK VOU FEEL W ELL ENOUG H TO STOP TAKING YOUR MEDS DONT YOU FEEL THAT WAY BECAUSE THE MEDS ARE WORKING prehensileslinkies chehries myurlistoolong kaynime gypseian forwhenyouneedhope I know this can seem like a really harsh lesson sometimes But if you’re taking meds you absolutely must consult your doctor if you want to stop I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH YES THIS IS VERY IMPORTANTseriously I tried that once and I became very ill - please don’t stop taking your medication without first talking it through with your doctor I once thought it was okay to go without my anti-depressants for a few days because I didn’t want to bother my mom when she was already short on money I cannot stress how much of a bad idea that was DO NOT DO IT Especially if you are on a medication with a very short half life like Effexor You will feel ill and shaky and monstrously awful the very next day Please take care of yourself we love you 3 Reblogging because its important That’s how I ended up in the hospital with hallucinations and mental instability Meme

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