fablepaint Scar is forced out of his pride and joins the hyenas where he finds out Shenzi and her clan are not the scourge of the pridelands but in fact the reason why the lions are so well fed He assists Shenzi in a revolution to lift animals out of lion subservienceSimba is basically a brutish Joffrey Scar is Tyrian Scar learns that a picked-on lion like himself has more in common with the hard-working and trodden upon hyenas than his fellow lions Nala is sent to assassinate him and instead helps him outShenzi is a tough but congenial kind of person Banzai now female is a snappy bitch with sharp teeth and crass humor Ed is still Ed Timon and Pumbaa are looking for a way out of indentured servitude to SimbaIf you do one of these where the story and designs are switched between protag and antag please tag it #ReverseDisney so I can see too thanks! Meme

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