Fact #105 After reality began to warp Dark Flash was forced to leave the DC Universe He ends up in our reality where superheroes are jusit comic book characters Through this he is able to see his love Angela will never forget him I’ve seen Dark Flash Saga actually get a lot of hate in my comment sections which I find odd I personally love this story! Walter was a very interesting character in my opinion And some people may find the end cheesy but I find it sweet What do you think of Dark Flash Saga ? 🚨Podcast link in bio! 🚨 eobardthawne reverseflash hunterzolomon zoom professorzoom barryallen theflash flash jaygarrick wallywest bartallen speedforce kidflash harrisonwells ciscoramon justiceleague batman superman wonderwoman aquaman greenlantern historyoftheflashfact scarletspeedster rebirth new52 comics comicbooks Meme

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