facts facts-i-just-made-up Can you explain how crackers are made? demondaze First the cracker batter baker bakes a cracker batter batch then the cracker batter mixer door will open and unlatch so the batter mixer nozzle can descend onto the patch where the cracker batter spreads out for the nozzle to attach When the cracker mixer nozzle sprays the cracker batter spray and the cracker batch emulsion lies a-soaking in its haze then the cracker batter mixer starts to stir up all the glaze that the final cracker stacker needs to lubricate the way Once the cracker stacker handle stacks the cracker batter squares then the cracker batter's hardened into double stacks of pairs Now the cracker separator breaks the crackers in the stackers so the wrappers on the stackers fit the finished stacking crackers Then they're distributed to Wal-Mart tacts facts-i-just-made-up I spent like 15 hours on this kngrecipes FUCY *impressed slow clap* bastardlybrendan This was ridiculously pleasing to read out loud Birth of crackers Meme

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