facts-trump-feelings: toujours-fidele: catgirl9696: uglyassbitch42: elliehopaunt: worth watching for the end yo what tHE FUCK ¡ Interesting fact these two are playing but they are using play behaviors of their own species so they dont really “match up”! Dog - is “bowing” and using open mouth “bites” as forms of play “Play fight with me!” Cat - is giving the little paw bats they use when playing with kittens “Cute kittens get booped!” They are both trying to engage the other in a playful way but not understanding the others responce. The dog is like “you smack so no play? but not hard smack and no bad noise so not angry?” The cat is like “why you jump around? open mouth but no chomp? no hiss so is okay?” And then they sort of settle with a kind of communal grooming gesture they both understand! Dog: no play? okay i lay… we calm now friend! Cat: sad? no play? is ok i luv u weird kitten! sdjaslkdjaskldjaskldja this is the most adorable thing I’ve reblogged this before, but I’m reblogging it again because it’s too cute not to.