Falleut PROJECT PARADISEt A HIDDEN OASIS Benewth the Arktes Pharma baikling lies one of the coapany's mot clely-guarded secretca eprawling subterranean research facility made up of three cevernoss labe feature labe Each of these their own blomes which created opportunitles to perform experinests ons a wide varlety of Gora and tauna Safely hikldden deep indergroand this fally watomated facility remained safe when the bobe dropped on October 23 2077 eseareh contiaued despite the destruction en the surface and ever now the bols who reside within the deptha work tirelessly to carry out the company'sdirectis You can join Projeet Pardise by making your way to Arktos Pharma in the Porest regtion of Appalachia Head into the building's lobby and ccess the elevalor en the rigl to descend into the laba Alternatiely if the event is already active you can joln it wsediately from your Map by selecting the Projeet Paradise event marker During the eveat you will get hands on experience performing peoduet testing wihh soone ed the faana that inhabit the Biome Labs These overgrows eaviroseats contain many types of widdlife and cutest or cuddliest test wabjects in Appalachia Stay on your guard because once trials begin their reactions can make for deadly results While some creatures may prove docile cr even f riendlyothers will quickly ind theirclaw Even thouagh it in located in the Forest Project Paradise will be daunting foe Dwellers who arvive fresh from who are level 50 and above and all three Bioces the Vwals You wi will require your attention so even vetere will find it beneficial to form a group dvente before taking on this event Those who manage to successdully ad Arktos Pharma ia conducting the esperiment will be rewarded with seene bnew loos WHAT S NEXT FOR INSIDE THIE AULT Idk where todays update is But they just explained next weeks-RKC Meme

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