#FALLONTONIGHT MARK ZUCKERBERG ANNOUNCED YESTERDAY THAT FACEBOOKIS WORKINGON A DISLIKE BUTTON SO NOW THE OPTIONS WILL BE LIKE OR DISLIKE I DUNNO ABOUT YOU BUT THOSE STILL DON'T FEEL SPECIFICENOUGH WHICH IS WHY WE CAME UP WITH SOME MORE BUTTONS TO SAY HOW WE REALLY FEEL ABOUT THINGS WE SEE ON FACEBOOK FACEBOOK BUTTONS Your Third Baby Isn't As Exciting As Your First Baby Button We Get It You Got Engaged Button · “I Clicked ‘Maybe' To Be Polite But There's No Way I'm Going To Your Band's Show Button #FALLONTONIGHT FACEBOOK BUTTONS Get Over Yourself You Made Dinner - Not History Button It's Just a 5K So Quit Acting Like You Won American Ninja Warrior Button <h2><b><a href=httpwwwnbccomthe-tonight-showvideojim-gilmore-not-invited-to-gop-debates-facebooks-dislike-button-monologue2907047 target=_blank>These potential Facebook buttons help say what we’re all thinking&hellip<a><b><h2> Meme

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