Fally the Saltshaker But I talked to one of my admins about it Fally the Saltshaker And he likes you Fally the saltshaker So you know what Fally the Saltshaker Come on Fally the Saltshaker You're gonna be an admin on my page Fally the saltshaker Make dank memes Fally the Saltshaker Fucking do it M Emiya Shayron d M Fally the Saltshaker l'm not even kidding Fally the Saltshaker I want John to respond to this Fally the Saltshaker He can come make dank ass memes for my page PM Nathan rip lazy admin M Roflcopter inb4 he says nah fuck off Roflcopter M Mommy Reikan Damn he don't even post on my page Mommy Reikan a Fally the Saltshaker M Fally the Saltshaker Well Fally the Saltshaker He can make memes on mine M Mommy Reikan He's already got a page for that remember Fally the Saltshaker Doesn't matter he applied to my page before didn't get the spot due to votes but you know what Fally the Saltshaker l'm willing to give him a shot Fally the Saltshaker Watch him make the dankest memes it's your boy john the cuccboi that fally hyped up at the end of the novel that he posted earlier i was supposed to post on this page a lot sooner but i was busy trying not to kill myself with finals a short summary of who i am i am a normie that is just well informed about anime and the like i'm a solid 7 and i make memes as for how i met my nigga fally we met over on Overly Critical Otakus' Discord server this boy is also the reason i started home-brewing memes i do have a page of my own but until i contribute enough to this one i do not plan on shoving my own content down everyone's feed for those that can spot the style of memes i will post can spot what page i own below is how i got sucked in to being an admin and the Discord server's doubts Meme

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