falsedetective what i learned today in 1800 alexander hamilton and aaron burr were both defense lawyers for a guy who was accused of murder they tried to cast suspicion on another guy who was near the scene of the crime richard croucher the details of what happened next are contentious because the court transcript is vague and it honestly sounds like something either of these two fuckos would have done so here's a brief run-down of the two equally beautiful stories that have evolved regarding richard croucher's day in court paraphrased from ron chernow who was kind enough to ensure history didn't forget this anecdote the legend is while croucher was testifying hamilton held two candles under the dude's face giving him a sinister glow he told the jury i conjure you to look through that man's countenance to his conscience apparently spooked by a ham's theatrics croucher confessed on the spot however! aaron burr later insisted HE was the one who put on this circus show his version of the story is he grabbed two candelabras and thrust them at croucher exclaiming BEHOLD THE MURDERER GENTLEMEN! croucher then ran out of the courtroom in terror lessthansix AARON BURR'S STRATAGEM AT THE WEEKES TRIAL A rendition of this dramatic moment the-cheshire-cat-grin Wow i thought maybe hamilton took some liberties with the characterization but aham and burr were literally just like that Sourcefalsedetective 46805 notes Meme

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