Fan What was it like to fim Dean's death scene in No Rest for the Wicked Thorwostough But Jensen God bless him wanitting there holding his breath and kecpingthis cyes openHe wasnton comera was doing it for me he was playing ead for mesol'd be sod Andwos tike Jensen Toppreciateit man love that youte doing thiss but you can tak It Gany youtcon close your eyes you can breathes but he was holding his breath and itting there soit was really nice of him OK TOTAL PANIC MODE! MY INTERNET HAS GONE OFF! LUCKILY I HAVE 4G ON MY PHONE BUT I CAN'T ACCESS MY RECORDINGS ON MY TV AND THERE'S NO CHANCE OF ME GETTING NETFLIX OR YOUTUBE ON! THE ROUTER HAS JUST COMPLETELY GONE OFF! MY DAD TRIED REBOOTING IT BEFORE HE WENT UPSTAIRS BUT NOW IT'S NOT COMING ON AT ALL this is how bad my generation is A stupid little black box which controls access to the internet has gone off and I'm partly frustrated and partly panicked I know it'l get back up and running but when? That's the problem - spn spncw spnfans spnfan spnfamily spnfandom supernatural supernaturalcw supernaturalfans supernaturalfan supernaturalfamily supernaturalfandom destiel destielforever j2 brothers winchester akf yana lyf jensenackles bigbrother deanwinchester squirrel jaredpadalecki littlebrother samwinchester moose jarpad Meme

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