FANART YTHE MAD FANART BY THE MAD FAN ART BY%MAD FANART BY ₩ 1 MAD FAN ART BY₩ MAD zombeesknees johannathemad AU where everything is exactly the same except Adam never turns into a beast and just needs to learn some manners #i think it’s be a whole other level of amazing if the enchantresses curse made him APPEAR like a beast to everyone except him #so he’s not actually transformed - but everyone sees him as though he is #bc that’d be so amazingly messed up that he’d *think* he was fine when he looked at himself #but everyone’s reactions to him horrorfeardisgust were still A Thing #and that only changed with his behaviour #so as long as he behaved selfishly and horribly he’d be seenreacted to that way #but the more effort he put into changing his own actions the illusion would soften #but directly proportional to his behaviour #idk i love the idea of people maintaining their own curses though their own actions #all the best curses are self-sustaining by the cursee #also this is a GREAT translation of the glen keane underbite facial expressions! Meme

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