Video Games

Week Ending November 13th, 2017

  1. Overwatch
  2. Cuphead
  3. Sonic Forces
  4. The Sims 4 −1
  5. Undertale
  6. Doki Doki Literature Club
  7. Mystic Messenger
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes +6
  9. World of Warcraft −1
  10. Super Mario Odyssey −1
  11. League of Legends
  12. Persona 5
  13. The Arcana - A Story of Mystery and Romance −3
  14. Hiveswap
  15. Team Fortress 2 +3
  16. Splatoon 2 +3
  17. Destiny 2
  18. Bendy and the Ink Machine −5
  19. Choices
  20. Life is Strange: Before the Storm −4

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

FANDOMETRICS GAEIDE GA DEC MES DCO GA AMGA <h2>Video Games<h2><p><b>Week Ending November 13th 2017<b><p><ol><li><a href=httptumblrco6136DBj90>Overwatch<a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6137DBj9F>Cuphead<a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6138DBj92><b>Sonic Forces<b><a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6139DBj9N>The Sims 4<a> <i><i>−1<i><i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6130DBj94>Undertale<a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6131DBj9f>Doki Doki Literature Club<a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6132DBj9A>Mystic Messenger<a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6133DBj97>Fire Emblem Heroes<a> <i>+6<i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6134DBj9C>World of Warcraft<a> <i><i>−1<i><i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6135DBj9h>Super Mario Odyssey<a> <i><i>−1<i><i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6136DBji6>League of Legends<a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6137DBjiB>Persona 5<a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6138DBji8>The Arcana - A Story of Mystery and Romance<a> <i><i>−3<i><i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6139DBjiD><b>Hiveswap<b><a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6130DBjiE>Team Fortress 2<a> <i>+3<i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6131DBji1>Splatoon 2<a> <i>+3<i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6132DBjiG><b>Destiny 2<b><a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6133DBjiH>Bendy and the Ink Machine<a> <i><i>−5<i><i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6134DBjiy><b>Choices<b><a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco6135DBjiJ>Life is Strange Before the Storm<a> <i><i>−4<i><i><li><ol><p><i>The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week<i><p><figure class=tmblr-full data-orig-height=193 data-orig-width=350 data-tumblr-attribution=adreamcalledeternityjWHJ8JJWp8bNA-BQp7UGPwZRXZMh2RlwMwb><img src=https78mediatumblrcom4a22e54eaac58b8d55eb50705c122b87tumblr_oz1znpvh1B1vrol01o1_400gif data-orig-height=193 data-orig-width=350><figure> Meme

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