fandomshatewomen: imfemalewarrior: lifeguardinthesharktank: ottergirl-fitness: thewinterotter: unbridledandmeteoric: aintnosuchthingastoothick: phalasophy: Finally a motivation video without fitness models, but with ordinary girls! I love this!!!! HELL YES I LOVE THIS SO MUCH Not gonna lie, if this was the kinda of representation I saw growing up, I would of not have thought that I needed to already be a good weight and healthy to partispitate in physical activity. @imfemalewarrior It is a lot easier to feel inspired and motivated to try getting into fitness and try new activities when you see yourself represented in those activities.  That’s why I ask my followers to submit pictures of themselves doing those activities so we can all see ourselves represented and that we are not alone in doing them!  -FemaleWarrior, She/They  Its amazing how *revolutionary* it is to see women with normal body types represented in a commercial. Hopefully people everywhere pull away from only showing stick thin, idealized people. Fashion indistries need to learn from the Victoria’s Secret debacle and start diversifying- Mod C