fantasyfactfactories Karin and her mother were allowed to stay in Kusagakure on the condition that her mother healed the wounded When Kusa- gakure was attacked Karin's mother died after transferring too much chakra to the wounded The females in the Naruto verse need more screen timeno more QUALITY screen time I'm tired of the female characters being only good for love interests for the most part GIVE THEM THEIR GLOW So glad I'm planning my own manga Women & Minorites are getting the lime light in it trust me Q My partner @daily_marvel_dc_ is soooo close to 4k followers can we help him hit is goal? Are you following yet? A Well duh he post cool shit Anime Naruto Shippudden HASHTAGS PARTNERS ARE TAGGED Narutoshippuden Naruto TokyoGhoul KenKaneki Dbz Goku Attackontitan ErenJeager MiraiNikki YukiteruAmano Parasyte ShinichiIzumi DeadmanWonderland GantaIgarashi DeathNote LightYagami BlueExcorsist Rinaokumura PrisonSchool SwordArtOnline YoujoSenki TanyaDegurechaff OnePiece MonkeyDLuffy OnePunchMan Saitama Noragami Yato ReZero NatsukiSubaru Meme

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