FASCISTS HAVE CO-OPTED YOUR LIBERALISM White supremacists and fascists have co- opted your liberalism They've trained you to say things like on both sides and violence is not the answer They've left ideas like centrism and horseshoe theory on your doorsteps They don't want you to oppose them They want you to stay in that comfortable middle ground so you act as a buffer between them and their opposition You're their bodyguards Stop being complacent Stop being complicit You don't have to go out getting in fistfights with Nazis or pepper sprayed by the cops but for fuck's sake- stop helping them Denounce them Be vocal Stop making apologies for them If you can't say no to the damn KKK or people waving swastika flags what are you good for? Stop feeling enlightened in your cowardice Take a damn side Why no one shouls support liberalism Meme

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