fbmacthe pitbull Baby Hopi and Flower both had vet appointments yesterday Dr Kistner and mom talked about Flowers legs which have gotten increasingly more stiff and hinder her ability to move around Flower has had an amazing wheelchair donated to her but she can't use it Her leg sticks out straight off of her body and will not allow her to be able to be buckled into the cart The decision has been made to remove the bulk of both of her legs to allow her freedom of movement which is a huge quality-of-life issue right now She can't feel them anyway and with them being so stiff the fear is also for them to get broken or her to start chewing on them She has surgery scheduled next Wednesday to remove both of her legs and most of her tail which should allow her the ability to have an amazing life She's an awesome little dog with a great personality If you're interested in adopting Flower please private message my page and we can get you the information needed to start that process As far as baby Hopi goes her cleft lip and hard palate are very severe but she's doing amazing She has a little bit of discharge out of one eye so we are rinsing and medicating it This is a bit hard since her eyes are still closed! Otherwise her food is all staying down she's a fat little butterball and everything looks great and sounds great inside!! A much different journey compared to Gem so far! I will take this good news for sure and so will moms ulcer Hopi is not yet ready for adoption Gem we are opening her adoption process and are hopeful to have her new family picked and notified by next Wednesday5pm central Please call my shelter to speak with an adoption counselor if you are interested in adopting Gem +1 573 334-5837 You will have to be willing to travel to Cape Girardeau Missouri to pick her up if selected Please remember we have so many followers who want to adopt her but we only have one Gem We have three newborn pups Raven Lennon Hopi and older Flower who will also need forever homes soon Love MacLotsGoingOnOverHere Meme

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