fbmacthepitbull Scarlett hiding from her giant fast growing pups They are three weeks old officially yesterday They refuse to stay in their baby pool little nosey exploring terds This is fine but if they get out of the doggy door then they can't get back in The steps on the outside are too tall for them and they are still too tiny to truly know to navigate the steps or the world It has also been getting into the 20's so they would freeze if they escaped BUT Scarlett has to be able to get out the door to potty because she is awesome and goes only outside Mama Scarlett also is not a fan of sharing her kibble with them and will bite them I can't hardly blame her because she came to us starved by her former neglectful owners We also don't want any puppies injured in the making of adorable fostering My mom built them a puppy containment unit to keep their wayward booty's INSIDE Mom built it to be easily cleaned with a piece of siding attached to the puppy side Well played grunt well played A different angle in the comments below Love MacEngineerGenius Meme

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