Feb 5 at 525pm Lehigh Acres Florida I just went to Subway and some 19 year old dipshit was getting a sandwich being extremely picky and rude to the the worker Don't pick up the tomatoes like that be more gentle you dont seem like you wanna work right bitch! He eventually said forget it you stupid bitch! I told him to shut the fuck up as he was walking out the door He turned around and said what'd you say fat boy? and when l turned around and looked at his eyes he continued walking Who the fuck is picky about tomatoes at a Subway? You obviously werent that picky finding a tattoo artist to scribble your dead brother s name on your neck Shit he probably died being an asshole like you Keep acting like that and you can go be with him! Like Comment Share 23 Oh hell naw 5d Like Reply 2 Surprised he could have bought it without his parents ebt card His daddy probably sells heroine though 5d Like Reply SSUPER BOW Meme

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