FEC Complaint Bernie Breaking Federal Law by Employing Foreign National Undocumented immigrant in key campaign role Maria Belén Sisa The complaint points to the employment of three individuals including Maria Belén Sisa an illegal immigrant from Argentina who is in the United States under the protections of DACA and has been named deputy national press secretary for Bernie 2020 Sisa who collected a salary from the Bernie 2016 campaign and also made financial contributions to it recently made headlines when she questioned whether American Jews including her own boss Sanders were loyal to the United States Both the work for the campaign and contributions are direct and serious violations of federal election law the complaint argues Foreign nationals are prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in the decision-making process of any person with regard to election-related activities according to the FEC Included in this group of foreign nationals are all immigrants not lawfully admitted as permanent residents Source Brent Scher - The Washington Free Beacon Meme

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