feeling heartbroken 6 hrs I was wandering aimlessly in the mall strip bereft of emotion staring metaphorically at the endless figurative void that is the dark infitinty of my lonelineess and involuntary isolation and suddenly FATE STRUCK I saw her a an angel from aboveshe is a cute and sexy mom with her kid At that split second I beheld her majestic countenance I knew she was my soul mate I know deep down she is the one I mustered all my courage that I thought I didnt even possesed and followed her around for a solid half hour guarding her from potentiall threats and creeps I couldnt help but take a few snapshots in case anyone here accuse me of making stuff up unfortunately and ironically when she witnessed me taking a snap shot she scurried away ignorant and unwitting of my potentially devotion and love I could have shared with herWomen are such silly and mysterious creatureswould u agree my fellow say la vee eO12 88 comments Like Comment Creep Alert Meme

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