Felix Gonzalez-Torres American born Cuba 1947-1996 Untitled Portrait of Ross in LA I99I Candies individually wrapped in multicolored cellophane This installation is an allegorical portrait of the artist's partner Ross Laycock who died of an AIDS-related illness in 1991 The 175 pounds of candy can be seen to corespord to Laycock's ideal body weight Adault vistiors are invited to take a piece of candy the diminishing pile parallels Laycock's weight loss prior to his death The museum can choose to replenish the pile metaphorically ensuring Laycock perpetual life or to let the pile disappear over time Warning Choking Hazard! Not recommended for children Promised gift of Donna and Howard Stone 11999 924 magenmagenmagen king-nefertiti hedwigisforever this is so heartbreaking One of my favorite installations The work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres is some of the most pointed and intimate about gay male love and experience during the years offollowing the AIDS crisis It still haunts me when I think about it Meme

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