Female brains Male brains transgenderteensurvivalguide nonbinary-dysphoria ascaloner micdotcom Male and female brains aren’t wired differently New research published in October in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that despite size discrepancy there’s no functional difference between men’s and women’s brains “Male” brains and “female” brains simply don’t exist In fact there’s significant overlap This study had 1400 people in it… Remember that sample size matters remember this when someone tries to rebuke this with a study that has 80 participants Be as scientifically literate as possible so that we can debunk this nonsense one step at a time Here’s an article that talks about a paper which examined 6000 individuals and came up with similar findings Friendly reminder that there is no such thing as a male brain or a female brain or a nonbinary brain If your brain is wired to recognize a non-binary body than congratulations you have a “nonbinary brain” ID Two identical groups of brain scans One is labeled “male brains” and the other is labeled “female brains” End ID Meme

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