feynites Seeing John Mulaney do his 'Robot Test bit has given me a strong desire to see him play a live action Riddler But not like as any character other than John Mulaney? Like let's make a John Mulaney version of Edward Nigma Just this socially awkward disaster man who somehow becomes a supervillain because of a misunderstanding he couldn't correct without seeming rude And now supposedly he's committed to killing Batman but he doesn't actually want to be the cause of a mans death so he just obfuscates things with 'clues' and 'riddles' and 'battles of wits' until Batman inevitably defeats him and he's just like 'oh thank god please don't hit me Batman's like 'you need help Nigma' and he's just like 'yeah that's fair I should probably look into seeing somebody at this point I became a supervillain because of social anxiety and that might just be a red flag you know? arkhamkjay @mrsmosby-wannabe only-ten-percent-clever Hey Batman think you've seen everything huh? Well figure out how to deal with this! You know Gotham General Hospital? Yeah? Well you'll never guess what I let loose in there! feynites Riddle me this what has four hooves and presents a massive health and safety violation? siraranispleased l see you there Batman And I also don't want me to be doing what I'm doing Source feynites 90'71 4 notes > tiis Im glad there exists a comedian who so perfectly fits tumblrs sense of humor Meme

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