ffslmfao5 FFSLMFA05 My boyfriend shoved me read all can i press charges? so basically we were at my house on the couch and i was laying on him while we watched a movie and i got a text from a guy im talking to right now i have feelings for another guy he doesnt know about but we havent actually started dating but im thinking about it and the text said love you and my boyfriend asked who that was and i said nobody and he was concerned so i told him to mind his own business and he asked to see and i screamed at him telling him to stop it and i started crying because i was anxious and he just got up and left the room crying also and i ran to him and told him im sorry and he asked who it was again and i hit him hard across the face over and over because its annoying he keeps asking and i was really mad and he shoved me back and told me we are over and he left my house and blocked me on everything im really angry and want to report him to the police Not sure where the original story came from but I saw this on instagram I feel like it belongs here Meme

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