FIELD NOTES OUR STORY IRED BY the vanishing subgenre of agricultural memo books t ledgers and the simple unassuming beauty of a well-crafted groce n Co Portland Ore- in conjunction with Coudal Po go ill- brings you FIELD NOTES in hopes of offering An book worth fillin' up with GOOD INFORMATION PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS o1 Lengthy To Do Lists o2 Grocery Lists s Inspired Ramblings o4 Letters Back Home os Shoddy Sketches o6 Half-Ass Calculations o7 Crop Predictions 08 Small Schematics o9 Colleague Addresses 10 HymnsPrayers 11 Big IdeasInsights 12 Small IdeasNotions 13 Family Tree Lineage 14 Poignant Quotes 15 Hate Mail 16 Financial Planning 17 Escape Routes 18 Daily Journal Entries 19 Crafted Lyrics 20 Illegible Autographs 21 Roadtrip Mileage 22 Shady Transactions 23 Phone Numbers 24 Treasure Maps 25 Gambling Debts 26 Topographic Studies 27 Loose Promises 28 Scrapbook Fodder 29 Tall Orders 30 Last WillTestament SPECIFICATIONS dly printed by the good people of Service Graphics Inc Oakbrook T er French Dur-O-Tone 80#C Packing Brown Wrap with a thick e force 1-color application of Dachshund Nose black soy-based Toy rds Finch Paper Opaque Smooth 50#1 Bright white with a fine 1- lication of Double Knee Duck Canvas light brown soy-based Toyo in er printed on a Mitsubishi Diamond Series 40 6-color printing press ards printed on a Miller TP104 28 x 40 2 color printing press nd by a Heidelberg ST350 Stitchmaster 8-pocket saddle stitcher łappreciationto Samuel Slocum George W McGill and william B Founding Fathers of the Staple ed to 38u 195mm by a CRC round-corner mach These are the suggested 'practical uses' listed in the back of a notebook I was given Meme

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