File 1340990607660 ipg-53 KB 300x225 3422 jpg Anonymous ID Ga+PCkN 062912Fri132327 No409113902 Okay b i got a story id like to share with you Keylogged some kid his sister logs into facebook on their computer Shes like 16 and pretty damn hot >Log into her facebook >She has like 30 unread messages from random desperate guys >Find a kid thats been trying to message her back to the dark ages tell him i'm horny and i want him to come over >He already knew where she lives even if he didnt i had their address told i'm home alone and masturbating then i told him to come over and walk through the front door naked and that ive always wanted it to happen This conversation went on for a good 45 minutes and i eventually convinced him to do it >He said he was going to do it and be there in like 15 minutes ljust lol'd deleted the convo and didn't think much of it About 2 months later llook through some old logs for passwords etc see a conversation between her and one of her friends >She was telling her friend about some guy that showed up at her house naked yelling out her name Her dad is pressing sexual assault charges against him >He was given a 100 yard restraining order >And is now a registered sex offender Lol >Pic unrelated Anonymous ID 3MZUFDIY 062912Fn13 2513 No409114127 Hahahaha 810 Anonymous ID IWDETEvd 062912Fri133000 No409114738 File 1340991000346 jpg-32 KB 512x422 1322168292700 jpg 22409114213 >409114337 Anonymous ID JM+feY2 062912Fi133156 No409114985 File 1340991116968 png-327 KB 500x616 mfw6png >409114337 Anon gets someone on the sex offender list Meme

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