File 1526608258109 png 134 MB 900x1200 Anonymous 103018Tue153249 No783649886 Reply >be me britbong >be about 13 >going on holiday for first time outside of UK >get on plane >be seated behind American family >mother father and and a small bucket of lard journey wasnt bad just listened to mp3 player >apart from asshole americans screaming about what sights they're going to see >not shitting you they were loud af >pilot of plane announces we're going to land >begin descent >wheels touch runway >fat fucks in front start flapping and clapping >rest of plane awkwardly join in including me apart from my dad shouts are you all autistic >everyone stops clapping >mfw my dad was a devoted christian and has never acted this way before >everyone looks at me including my dad i freeze up in fear >hear a voice say wait I know you >i turn around in my seat and look behind me and see the TV Licence man from my town > you're going to need to pay the fine for clapping >wtfpng >hear steam download finish this wakes me >me rn realise I'm at my desk and was watching airplane fails and fell asleep >my friend behind me says you finally awake huh? >i turn to him and say yeah must have just dozed off > he tells me he needs to talk to me about something sure >it's about the money you owe me >money how much do l owe you? >l need about tree fiddy >at this point i realise that my friend 500 feet tall and from the paleolithic era Meme

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