File 1556845924075sjpg 5 KB 221x228 Anonymous 071219Fri171816 No51555857 >>51555924 >>51555964 >be me >match with girl on okcupid that i fucked several years ago >i'm swole as fuck she put on some lbs in a bad way >offer to bring her to the gym so she can look great like she used to >Are you calling me fat Anon? >Yes? it's nbd it's nothing irreversible just come to the gym with me it'll be fun >she unmatches me and unfriends me on facebook >tfw i was trying to help >tfw incurable autism Anonymous 071219Fri172034 No51555879 Nah dude thať's alpha Anonymous 071219Fri172425 No51555916 You're doing God's work Not everyone is ready for that What exactly do you think you've lost? Think about her next workout during your last rep of your last set of your last lift Anonymous 071219Fri172458 No51555924 File earlyandoftenjpg 245 KB 600x433 >>51555857 OP you tried to do the right thing anon Anonymous 071219Fri172728 No51555964 >>51555857_OP So beta hes alpha fitizen is so beta he's alpha Meme

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