File 243 MB 2110x2637 5e stories thread? 5e stories thread Anonymous 021819Mon005611 No64698888 I'll start >be me playing an eldritch knight in a war campaign >be not me 3 other players all playing full casters >be also not me final player playing a monk >its a mage unit already our comp is shit >DM tells every >the rest of the party ignores him >okhand >one of the other players casts hypnotic pattern >im in the radius >he knows this >casts it anyway >enemy mage immediately bipasses me the now incapacitated tank and kills the bard >oopsjpg >party trudges on because yolo one in advance that the campaign is gonna be deadly >monk dies because 5th level and outnumbered >party continues on anyway >theplanetwillbreakbeforetheguardgif >another character dies everyone else is downed >the unit is disgraced >gee DM you never told us the combat was gonna be this hard we should rethink our comp >mfw Meme

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