File 51xkQejQPJL SS500jpg 37 KB 500x500 Stories from high school Anonymous 020419Mon205429 No50802250 >Be me sophomore at a Catholic highschool trying to kill time during computer class finished my assignment dicking around on my phone phone is at low battery plug it into one of the school's computers to charge absentmindedly give the computer permission to start importing photos on my phone my porn shows up on the school computer on display for all to see scared shitless I slam the monitor onto the desk as fast as I can react probably breaking it immediately unplug my phone porn is still on computer have to look at monitor from the floor and be as discreet as possible by some freakish miracle teacher doesn't notice me and I fix everything just in time student beside me witnesses the whole thing leans over to me and informs me 'that is not what Jesus wants Anonymous 020419Mon205624 No5080227450802446 You better put me in that reddit screenshot No balls Anonymous 020419Mon210946 No50802446 >>50802274 we're going to be in funnyjunk too Anonymous 020419 Mon211436 No50802503 Hey wave titan how is your wifes son Anon's adventures in highschool Meme

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