File 8EA56AC8-B4A0-4C06-8E2D-7 ipg 62 KB 628x340 Anonymous 082217Tue1523 53 No742897571 be me staircase to second floor of work building is vast and has a large window every day head upstairs to break room for lunch every day there are flies on the window othese flies i hate these flies for they hate me we are mortal enemies me and these flies fuckers fly by try to land on me fuck of jesus christ something must be done grab broom from break room the day of reckoning has come stand on set of stairs facing the window today twenty are here today twenty will die like men take aim at lil bitch chilling on the windowsill position broom just above one of the flies knows what's up and buzzed around slam broom down hard didn't know what hit him my first casualty the alarm has gone of among flies aim for more this time stabbing the broom stab a fucker but wait what's this? the first spilt blood is still alive and twitching? ahal i know now of their secret play dead and wait until the reaper is away not this time i freeze and notice some more twitch one gets up immediately slam him they all start buzzing and running slam slam welcome to the jam all but one is dead the lord of the flies atop the highest peak on the window staring right at me can't reach him from here so i try something hold the broom over my head and behind my back and launch a mighty catapult of wind the king loses his footing and falls down the final blow must be dealt now you fool i slam louder and harder than a beta in a chubby chicker the slam heard around the world that ended the reign of the flies hear footsteps someonecoming jpg pretend to sweep the stairs coworker looks at me and says hello say hello back as coworker walks awav mfw i secretly committed genocide Meme

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