File imagejpg 30 KB 345x302 Anonymous ID WPbThArs 050614Tue134634 No545330185 >>545330338 >>545330504 >>545330524 >be at Slayer concert with friends >have to park our car two miles from venue >walk our asses all the way there realize I forgot my bottle of water in car >goddamnitjpg standing in line to be let in thirsty as fuck >black homeless guy approaches us >kind of rough looking >asks for money tell him l'll pay him a dollar if he can direct me to the nearest bottle of water >yeah I know whereI know where >we walk through boarded up blocks of endless ghetto >hope I don't get killed reach store with no windows or signs nervous as fuck >walk in black customers and employees stare >'damn we ain't never seen a white guy in here get my water quench my t >hear liquid hitting sidewalk turn back see him pissing and walking sideways at the same time >'that's how we piss in public so we don't get caught boss' return to venue letting people in now >say goodbye to homeless friend realize we have an extra ticket give it to him tell him he can sell it or come with us 'how much is it worth? tell him roughly $3000 >his eyes light up >I'm gonna sell it! >be three hours later >concert over hirst start walking back with new homeless friend walking back to our car same homeless guy sees me >'boss! boss! I sold that ticket for $2500! >he holds up McDonalds bag and a beer 'I didn't forget you boss! hands them to me >mfw my heart has never been so touched <p>This is touching via rwholesomememes <a href=httpsifttt2HGpyhb>httpsifttt2HGpyhb<a><p> Meme

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