File MAGApepeipg 37 KB 550x451 Political feels thread Anonymous ID gn 061318Wed223732 No175136197175137015 >be conservative Trump supporter >Just tryna help out US business actually enforce immigration laws get crazy Middle Easterners and North Koreans to not blow us up just generally want to chill at the social and economic levels and be left alone get hated on by liberals >liberals censor social media liberals try to get us kicked out of college liberals teach kids that white men are toxic rapist gun nuts out to get everyone and should cut their dicks off to become trans because gender isn't real get hated on by establishment republicans too neocons keep sending our soldiers to die somewhere neocons keep pissing Russia and China off neocons want to bomb the entire middle east andurcallingMEislamophobicgif all while giving our oil money neocons started the whole open borders thing because they want big business to have cheap labor and dgaf about anything else We weren't even a thing until 3 years ago but all the big establishmentarians already hate our guts Sure we technically did win but everyone is so mean and life is sad to Saudi Arabia and our tax money to Israel REEEEEEEE FUCKING NORMIES GET OFF MY POLITICAL ARENA Anonymous061318Wed224650 No175137015 2217513619Z OP really spins my draddle >> Anonymous 061318Wed224742 No 175137087 bought a gun at a gun show a few weeks ago and went to a gun range some old guy built in his backyard sat down and talked to him and he is very traditional talked about being married and how women had it better when they stayed home and raised the kids right Meme

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