File neet king happypng 174 KB 1187x1175 Anonymous 050218Wed201007 No767445070 >be me wake up at 5 pm excited for celebrating my 30th anniversary of being mommy's good boy roll out of my limited edition Cars 3 Lightning McQueen bed put on my Crocks and super man cape for my special day >Just as l'm walking down the stairs mommy walks in the door with a strange brown man you look like burnt tendies Sanon this is Tyrone he's going to be your new father we're going out to dinner tonight to celebrate our engagement >bitch forgot about my special day hatch a plan before they leave l sneak into the back seat of mommy's station wagon my impressive girth causes the tires to deflate but they won't notice they get in the car and start driving to dinner >thetimeisnowjpg >BEGONE CHOCOLATE DADDY >my ree outburst startles him and causes him to slam into a tree >over the sounds of mommy's sobsI can hear sirens in the distance new daddy is taken away in a special sleeping bag >mfw I defeated the brownie king mfw mommy takes me to Chili's for chicky crispies for my special good boy anniversary King of my domain Meme

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