filledwiththislight Things my dentist has actually said to me Well either the x-rays lied to me or you are spontaneously creating teeth I'm going with the second one because it's way cooler When was the last time you flossed? Your gums aren't bleeding which means I'm either not doing this hard enough or you actually fioss your teeth regularly You don't need to do a fluoride treatment I just want to go check my facebook for a second and this is the best excuse I can come up with Don't worry your insurance will cover it Take a whole handful of toothbrushes I can't order new ones in less ugly colors until these ones are gone Remember not to eat or drink anything for a half houror actually you know forget that go eat lemons and drink coffee right now I make money based on peoples bad decisions you should probably stop brushing your teeth too I became a dentist because I like making children cry and they don't let you do that as a regular doctor spectralserval1138 Chaotic neutral dentist? Source filledwiththislight 140591 notes chaotic neutral dentist Meme

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