Find Fi Home December 14 at 1232 PM 6 It's pretty disturbing to me that so many of God's churches conform to societal demands and influence God's word IS the everlasting never-changing truth! Where in God's word did he say it is okay to murder babies for the sake of science? Where in his word did he say it is okay to have human and animal DNA and proteins injected into our bodies for the sake of health? If your a believer and support this abomination then you need to reread God's word The use of cells cellular debris protein and DNA from willfully aborted human children found in Adenovirus Polio DtapPolioHiB Combo Hep A Hep AHep B Combo MMR MMRV Pro Quad Rabies Varicella and the Shingles vaccines violate the very basic commands found in Exodus 2013 and Deuteronomy 515 which instructs us to not murder The following ingredients were derived from no fewer than 107 human souls who were sacrificed for social reasons and then used in past and ongoing vaccine research PER C6 HEK293 WI-38 RA 273 WI-1 WI-2 WI-3 WI-4 WI-5 WI-6 WI-7 WI-8 WI-9 WI-10 WI-11 WI-12 WI-13 WI-14 WI-15 WI-16 WI-17 WI-18 WI-19 WI-20 WI-21 WI-22 WI-23 WI-24 WI-25 WI-26 WI- 27 WI-38 WI-44 and MCR-5 plus many other ingredients obtained from human children not required to be listed by FDA guidelines Supporting vaccinations and vaccination developments is an endorsement of the sacrifice of those and the continuing sacrifice of other human souls Genesis 41 17 and Jeremiah 15 demonstrate that the deceased children used in the aforementioned vaccinations were recognized by God as human souls from the point of conception in the same way that we as parents recognized our child as a human from the moment we were aware of hisher presence in hisher mother's wombs Genesis 127 - 28 41 2 Kings 1717-18 Psalm 2210-11 106 35 37-38 1137-9 1273 13913-16 Amos 113 Matthew 181-4 and Matthew 1913- 15 are just a few verses that illustrate the aforementioned children as blessings from God that are valued and loved by him their Creator in whose image they were created and that their killing is condemned and causes God's destructive anger to burn against their murderers and those complicit in those murders Exodus 2013 Leviticus 1821 & 202-5 Deuteronomy 513 1230-32 1810 2 Kings 163 and Psalm 10638 illustrate that all child sacrifice is condemned with no exception clauses allowing for the greater good or public exception clauses found anywhere in the sacred scriptures 1 Corinthians 619-20 and 1031 remind us that we are to regard our bodies a temples of God's Holy Spirit and that we are to honor God our Creator and possessor of our very bodies by not defiling them Notwithstanding the presence of socially sacrificed human cells and debris in vaccinations we firmly believe that the presence of neurotoxins hazardous substances attenuated viruses animal cells foreign DNA albumin from human blood carcinogens and chemical wastes is in strict violation of our imperative to treat our bodies as holy temples of the very Spirit of God Genesis 94 Leviticus 1710-11 1714 Deuteronomy 1223 Acts 1520 and 29 informs us that blood represents the life force of human and animal species and that human blood was to be kept pure under all circumstances and free from contaminants such as animal cells parts and blood Uhm What? Meme

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